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Images created using Real3D and Realsoft3D. Select a thumbnail image to load the larger picture.

Finished Images...

Orbiting Particle Beam Satellite: Inspired by the Bubblegum Crisis 2032 anime series, this is a model of the infamous orbital particle beam satellites. I went through my BGC books and videotapes to make sure that the model was as close to the satellites seen in the anime as possible. Someday I'm hoping to re-do this model and improve it.
[Prospecting Robot Drone] Prospecting:This image was created for the Realsoft3D Image Contest back in February, 2001. The contest theme at the time was 'Space', and I created this image of a robot drone prospecting on some distant asteroid, searching for mineral deposits to exploit. The robot itself is an adaptation of a design from another anime that I liked, 'Genesis Survivor Gaiarth'. The final image took about 15 minutes to render.

Works in Progress...

Gold Trophy Cup: This is the result of my playing around with the 'Subdivided Surface' modeling feature of Realsoft3D. I'd have to say I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out, overall.
A glowing trophy: This image uses the same trophy object, but with a glowing material applied. I was curious what it would look like. ^_^

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