The Artwork of Phil Moy!

Gunfire Girl is my Assault Rifle blaster in City of Heroes. However, I also happen to love westerns, and after watching "Once Upon a Time in the West", I redesigned her to look like a western gunslinger gal. This picture is Phil's rendition of her with some elements that you can't get in CoH - like the Winchester rifle and the pistol belt. And yes, she's got nice guns. (^_^)

If you're on these webpages, you know my alter-ego in my fanfiction is SkyKnight. Earlier this year I decided a redesign of his armour was due for when I manage to get Zone #11 finished. And anime-style pictures are one of the things Phil's awesome at. (^_^)

Valaeria Nova - Natural Gravity/Kinetics Controller. One of my favourite non-blaster characters to play, and the first colour character portrait I requested from anybody.

Winterwynd - my level 44 Ice/Electric Blaster on Champion. Also a favourite character of mine, she requires a slightly more tactical stype of play than your standard "Shoot anything that moves!" blaster type.

SkyKnight and....ummm... trouble. (^_^) I commissioned this piece from Phil this year at the San Diego Comic Convention. As you can see, SkyKnight's getting friendly with Flaymecat, and Priss is about to object. I figured this was a good picture for explaining why I haven't written much lately. (^_^)

Valaeria Nova - my level 36 Gravity/Kinetics Controller on Champion in her new costume with her 'pet' singularity. She's still a favourite character of mine because of the synergy between the Gravity and Kinetics power sets. I have to remember though, she's not a blaster. (^.^)

Gunfire Girl! - She's actually an Assault Rifle blaster, but I hate the 'default' Assault Rifle in City of Heroes because it looks like an overdone 'super soaker'. =P So I asked Phil to draw her up blasting the crap out of something with pistols instead. (I *really* want pistols for blasters in CoH. ^_^ )

Saberkitten - It's hard to choose a favourite character sometimes. Bladestryke is still my all-time favourite scrapper, but Saberkitten is a very very close second. She's a claw/regeneration scrapper (yes, I know that's Wolverine's schtick. =P ), and she's the scrapper I play when I just want to cut loose and shred anything and everything that looks even slightly villainous. And the ears and tail are not part of her costume - the origin story I wrote has had her transformed into a real 'cat girl'. Anime influences again. (^.^)

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