The Artwork of Jeff Moy!

Bladestryke is my all-time favourite scrapper in City of Heroes - there's just something about the combination of Katana/Super Reflexes that appeals to me. And she just looks cool. :)

Anyhow, in the background I wrote up for her, her older brother was killed in the first Rikti War, so she has a bit of a personal vendetta against them. The only 'boss type' in CoH that's given her repeated trouble are the Rikti Chief Soldiers, so I asked Jeff for a picture depicting Bladestryke in a serious fight against one of them.

Captain Vaeria, teamed with Atom Lass. Atom Lass is the character created by a friend of mine from the City of Heroes videogame. Since he's always sidekicking with me for missions, I felt a picture was warranted.

[Captain Vaeria - in colour]

Captain Vaeria, my martial arts/invulnerability scrapper from City of Heroes. She is the tough, no-holds-barred fighter of my characters. She hits hard and she can take a pounding.


Bladestryke is my finesse fighter - combining Katana mastery with super-reflexes, she's all about style and elegance while carving up the bad guys. She's lethally lovely, and it's fun watching the bad guys 'whiff' as they try to get her. (^_^)

[Relaxing with some coffee]

One of the things I like to try and do when I'm writing is present the human side of superhero types. They can't ALWAYS be on duty, after all. In this pic I commissioned from Jeff at the San Diego convention, Captain Vaeria's relaxing with a cup of coffee after a hard mission.


Jeff's awesome at doing pinup-type portraits of characters, and I felt that Winterwynd deserved a second picture.

A pinup-type colour portrait of Arrowdynamix, my magic archery/energy blaster. She was somewhat inspired by the 'magical girl' theme so often seen in anime. (^_^)

Another pin-up portrait of Bladestryke done by Jeff at the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention. I *love* this picture - I'm going to have to try and colourize it.

A character portrait of Lady Caliburn done by Jeff at the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention. She's a broadsword scrapper, and as you can see in this picture, she means business.

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