The Artwork of Denise Jones

Flaymecat was originally inspired by Lina Inverse from the 'Slayers' anime. So this year at Anime Central, I got Denise to do a colour picture of the ultimate team-up: Lina Inverse AND Flaymecat. Whoever is on the receiving end of that double-whammy should probably start running...not that it will save them, however. (^.^)

A pencil sketch by Denise of Stormwynd, my ice/storm controller, doing what she does best - controlling a winter storm.

[Flaymecat colour picture]

This was the very first character portrait I commissioned from anybody, and Denise did an excellent job of rendering Flaymecat in full colour using Copic markers. (This was Flaymecat's second costume design)

[Flaymecat again!]

Denise's take on Flaymecat's third costume. (^_^)

Denise did this portrait of Stormwynd, my magic Ice/Storm controller in City of Heroes. She's a different character to play again - I'm so used to being the damage-dealer in a game, that playing somebody who's more support-based is challenging. That being said, I love the ice/storm combo. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian and come from the 'snow belt' area of our province, but it's immensely satisfying to mire the bad guys in an ice patch and a snow storm. (Bwahahahaha! ^_^)

Denise's take on Flaymecat's third costume, this time done as a digital painting. As you can see, Flayme's about to blast something. (^_^)

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