David's Pictures:

[MechaDeuce and Sister Psyche]

Maybe it's because she's a stunning redhead, but I've always liked the character of Sister Psyche from the City of Heroes comic and online game. A while back I had a concept for a short story that involved one of my in-game characters MechaDeuce foiling a plot by some bad guys that was targeting her. I made the request to Dave, and he was able to fit me in just in time for Christmas. (^_^)


Flaymecat is my level 50 Fire/ice blaster on the Protector server. As my first level 50 character, I felt she deserved her own comic-book portrait.

[Captain Vaeria - Martial arts/Invulnerability]

Captain Vaeria - Martial Arts and Invulnerability. Vaeria's the first sketch I commissioned from David back in 2005. She's a tough scrapper chick...I'm constantly amazed by what she goes though in-game at times.

This is a convention sketch from the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention. NCSoft had David signing autographs and doing character portraits at their booth. The lineup was insane, but somehow he managed to get them all done without his drawing hand falling off. (^_^) Solaeria's my favourite 'defender' character - Kinetics and energy blast, can't beat it.

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