Compute This!!

This particular webpage takes a few whacks at the technology we're now blessed(??) with in our modern world. The sad part is that it's also got more than a passing resemblance to the truth. ^_^

Exclusive: We're the only ones who have the documentation.

There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works.

A fault tolerant system must report the faults even as it tolerates them.

A)bort, R)etry or S)elf-destruct?

Advanced design: Upper management doesn't understand it.

Any nitwit can understand computers. Many do. - Ted Nelson

Any program that runs right is obsolete.

Backup not found! A)bort, R)etry or P)anic?

C:BELFRY is where I keep my .BAT files.

Computer possessed? Try DEVICE=C:EXOR.SYS

DYNAMIC LINKING ERROR: Your mistake is now everywhere.

Diagnostics are the programs that run when nothing else will.

Error 13: Illegal brain function. Process terminated.

Having UPS installed does NOT mean that a courier will immediately deliver you a new server when the old one breaks!

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