Final Project - Colour Theory:

This picture was created by me as a final project for my colour theory night course. The only directions we were given was to create whatever we wanted, on whatever media we wanted. Having harboured the desire to draw reasonably close to 'comic-book style' art, I created a picture of one of my City of Heroes characters, MechaDeuce, in a confrontation with one of the villain types from the game.

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MechaDeuce Wins against the Freakshow The Freakshow are a bunch of crazy, drugged-up anarchist thugs from the City of Heroes online game. Unfortunately, they're also well-armed thugs, with a lot of garage-style cybernetics equipment. The typical 'leader' type is usually called a Tank, and in this picture, MechaDeuce has triumphed over one of them. Done with Copic alcohol markers on marker paper. (I got an A+! ^_^ )

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