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Deuce Ex Machina - PDF Format Comic Book
Back in April of 2007, NCSoft had a contest for all City of Heroes players to design and produce their own comic book based on one of their characters using a piece of software named 'Comic Book Creator' and in-game screenshots of their character. Photoshopping of some shots was allowed, but the judging criteria was supposed to include as much use of the City of Heroes scenery as possible so as to showcase Paragon City.

The software was interesting to use, but I soon found that it had some limits to what it could do because I was forever having to jump between Photoshop and the Creator software to get what I wanted to display correctly, and I finally ended up doing the cover picture completely in Photoshop, then importi it into the Creator software. (One of the net effects of this was that I learned with some perseverance that you don't *really* need to use the Creator software to make your own comic book - but it is cheaper than Photoshop. (^_^) )

Needless to say, there were a lot of contest entries; I wasn't picked as a finalist, but I'm still very happy with my results, and I think they speak for themselves. I *will* succumb to a bit of ego here and say that I think mine was better than some of the finalists, though. I leave the final decision to the readers. Enjoy!

All In A Day's Work...
Back when NCSoft was still producing the City of Heroes comic for print, they had an open call for short story submissions for publication in the comic. The 2000-word maximum was BRUTAL for me to have to try and conform to, but I managed to do it. (I don't think I could write a 'short' story to save my life, but I digress. (^_^) )

At any rate, this is the first story - Captain Vaeria against the villainous Vahzilok, rescuing some innocent bystanders from their nefarious plans. At the time I wrote it, I was looking at it from the angle of 'Why DO the heroes keep on putting themselves at such risk?'.

Freaking Out!
Another Captain Vaeria story, this time versus the Freakshow. They're one of my favourite villain groups to combat, even if they are a pain in the posterior to mix it up with. They're angry, anarchist punks running around with power tools, but they're still dangerous.

This was the second story I came up with featuring Captain Vaeria . As somebody who's more law-and-order minded than most because of her military experience, it was inevitable that she'd lock horns with the Freakshow.

Claws and Effect:
Yes, the title's a pun....the original working title was "Just Kitten Around", so which pun do you prefer? (-_^)

This story just came to me one day when I was sitting and thinking about the origin story that I wrote up for Saberkitten. I also opted to write it in first-person perspective to give readers a more in-depth look at what Kit's thoughts and feelings are as she works at being a hero and the consequences that she's been left with as a result of her powers and how she got them. (Note: This story is still a work in progress! (^.^) )

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