Cast of Characters:


[Quincy's picture] Quincy:
Quincy is the CEO as well as the undisputed lord and master of GENOM, the huge multinational corporation that rules Japan (and much of the world) economically speaking. A seasoned veteran of the corporate business world, with an almost sharklike sense of timing, Quincy's main goal in life is to ensure that GENOM remains the preeminent corporation in the world. Methods don't matter to him; all that matters is results. If a few people get hurt along the way, that's not his concern. The corporation always has an explanation handy...
Quincy (or 'the old man' as he's less affectionately called in some circles) can be utterly ruthless when he so chooses, but recently his approach seems to be to out-wait his opponents. He hasn't directly acted against the Knight Sabers - or anyone else outside the company for that matter - in quite some time. There is a strong suspicion that he's up to something, but no one knows what that could be.
[Kate's Picture] Katherine Madigan:
Kate Madigan ('Katie' to those wishing to infuriate her...) is widely acknowledged as the second-in-command at GENOM, even if unofficially. Officially speaking, Kate is responsible for internal corporate affairs and security, and is almost always involved in some capacity in GENOM's less public endeavours. Although no public endorsement of her abilities has been made, Quincy has been perceived as grooming her to take over from him at some point in the future; he has already shown her greater leniency than other executives on a couple of matters, leading some to speculate that he doesn't want to waste her talents. Her loyalty to Quincy is total and unswerving, although recent events have led her to privately question just what her goals in life are.
Kate is a very attractive young woman, but it is a cold beauty. She is always brisk and businesslike, and any emotions she might feel when dealing with underlings are suppressed. Madigan usually meets any kind of attempt at casual conversation or personal approach with an icy stare; when combined with her striking looks, it isn't surprising that she has the reputation of an 'Ice Queen' in many respects.
Dr. Hayao Kobayashi:
An associate of Hollister's, 'Doc', as he's commonly known, was responsible for developing an enhanced interface system for the D.D. Battlemover project, one that allowed a much closer synchronization of the war machine with its pilot. While he didn't appear to be over-burdened with scruples about his work before, recent events have revealed that Doc does indeed possess something of a conscience. Although afraid to act directly against Hollister, Doc is searching for a way out of his current predicament...
Not much is known about the background of this elderly-seeming scientist. While unquestionably a very intelligent biomechanical and cybernetics expert, there have been some hints at a medical background. Just how he ended up where he is currently is unknown, although there have been rumours that his work for Hollister wasn't entirely his idea originally.
Ethan Hollister:
Ethan Hollister is one of the most dangerous foes the Knight Sabers have ever had to deal with. A former British intelligence officer gone rogue in spectacular fashion, Hollister runs a 'shadow corporation' that deals in armament and weaponry systems and operates beyond the sanction of any kind of legal entity. He first came to the attention of the Knight Sabers (and vice versa) when he had his operatives kidnap Sylvie and Anri in order to use them in a weapons project involving a new and improved DD Battlemover. SkyKnight was also captured, and was personally tortured by Hollister in an attempt to extract information from him. He failed, and SkyKnight escaped, taking the two sexaroids with him and destroying Hollister's base. Since then, Hollister has directly crossed swords with the Knight Sabers at least twice, each time coming very close to killing or exposing one of their members. Recently, Hollister has become somewhat erratic as his obsession with locating and unmasking SkyKnight threatens to dominate him. In part, this is due to his inability to gracefully accept defeat or setbacks.
Ethan Hollister is tall, blond, and always dressed in an expensive suit. His demeanor is always icily cold, with a hint of deeper malevolence. Totally amoral, he can casually shoot someone down in cold blood without turning a hair. While his mental stability was never in question before, recent events have caused some of his associates to wonder...

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Complete character backgrounds of the original Bubblegum Crisis characters are available at the Bubblegum Crisis Homepage. 'Ethan Hollister' and 'Doc' are original characters, first introduced in Episode #8 of the Bubblegum Zone.

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