Cast of Characters:

Auxiliary Members and Allies:

[Sylvie's picture] Sylvie:
Sylvie is a 33-S Sexaroid who managed to escape virtual slavery aboard the Genaros space station. Arriving in Megatokyo, she befriended Priss, and eventually the rest of the Knight Sabers after they rescued her from an out-of-control D.D. Battlemover. After that incident, Sylvie settled down to try and live a quiet life under a new identity. That ended abruptly when someone attempted to kidnap her, having apparently discovered the fact that she was a 33-S with the appropriate parts for superweapon synchronization. She was again able to escape with the help of the Knight Sabers, and has joined them as a full member. Her primary duties are piloting the KnightWing, and some front-line combat. As she is still learning to handle her hardsuit effectively, she is content to stay in the role of pilot...for now.
Sylvie wants desperately to be 'normal' like other people, and sometimes resents her boomer heritage because of the fear it provokes in others. At the same time, she is more than willing to use some of her unique abilities to assist her friends.
[Anri's Picture] Anri:
Shy and quiet, Anri is the second of the newest recruits for the Knight Sabers. Like Sylvie, she is a 33-S Sexaroid boomer who managed to escape Genaros space station. After being rescued from almost certain death at Largo's hands by the Knight Sabers, she became one of their friends. She was kidnapped by Ethan Hollister at one point because of her unique 'construction', but survived that experience, as well as the trauma of a rape at the hands of one of Hollister's scientists while bound and helpless. Since that time, Anri has been taking medical training as a nurse out of a desire to help others. Future plans are to have her accompanying the Knight Sabers as a 'field medic' on certain missions.


Dr. Toshiro Stingray:
Known only to the immediate members of the Knight Sabers as 'the doctor' (although Priss has privately called him an 'old goat' on occasion), this tall, white-haired old man is a complete enigma to everyone except Sylia. A skilled physician and surgeon, he has used his wealth of medical expertise extensively to aid the Knight Sabers when one of them is injured. Although he is always concerned with the well-being of his patients, this hasn't stopped him from making some rather pointed suggestions to them about moderating the number of times he's had to treat them. (Priss and SkyKnight are the usual recipients of this advice.)
Only Sylia knows that the old man is actually her uncle, although if someone were to look closely at the two of them, they might see some faint family resemblances. In fact, if the old man were to wear glasses and grow a mustache, he'd almost look like Sylia's deceased father. Toshiro Stingray doesn't fully agree with Sylia's clandestine crusade against GENOM, and worries about her safety, but he knows better than to try and dissuade her.
[Fargo's Picture] Fargo:
Fargo is the 'fixer' for the Knight Sabers, and one of Sylia's prime contacts for shady information. Fargo almost never changes, always appearing as a blond man in a creased and rumpled suit and smelling vaguely of beer and cigarettes, the odours pervading his usual haunts. He's unquestionably loyal to Sylia, although whether this is because of the (assumed) large retainer fees Sylia pays him, or because of the obvious (and unreciprocated on Sylia's part) romantic interest he has in her is a subject of some debate. In recent weeks, Sylia has been utilizing Fargo and the resources he has access to in order to keep an eye on Ethan Hollister's attempts to try and either capture or expose SkyKnight.

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Complete character backgrounds of the original Bubblegum Crisis characters are available at the Bubblegum Crisis Homepage. 'Dr. Toshiro Stingray' is an original character, first introduced in Episode #9 of the Bubblegum Zone.

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