3-D Image Gallery - Old Images

Images created using Caligari TrueSpace. Select a thumbnail image to load the larger picture.

[A typical fantasy-type sword] A long sword: This was one of the first images I created using TrueSpace. TrueSpace was a good introductory program for playing with 3-D graphics, but I soon found that it couldn't do some of the effects I was after, and that's when I switched to using Real3D and Realsoft3D almost exclusively.
[First gateway concept image] The first Gateway image:This was the first image I created with TrueSpace as a title image for my old webpage designs. The concept was to have a futuristic-looking door opening onto another dimension. I was quite happy with the results this produced at the time.
[Second gateway concept image] The second Gateway image:This image was a variation on the first gateway image theme. I was experimenting with creating different door types, mostly. The keypad on the right of the door was the most complicated thing I'd ever modeled at the time.
[Cosmic Excalibur] Cosmic Excalibur: This image was created from a 'sword in the stone' type of idea. I wanted things to look a bit more esoteric and magical, however.
[Research Lab in 2030] The Research Lab: This image was created after I imagined what a hardsuit research lab in the year 2030 would look like. While I was eventually satisfied with the results I achieved, I've since learned more about texturing and lighting, and will probably try and re-create this sometime in the future to be more realistic-looking.

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